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                                                                         PTT Public Company Limited (PTT) has 3P

                                                                 principle for sustainability; which are people,
                                                                 planet and prosperity. We believe that economic
                                                                 development could be done alongside environmental
                                                                 conservation, and Environmental Impact Assessment

                                                                 (EIA) is the tool. EIA is an assessment of the likely
                                                                 environmental consequences that might arise
                                                                 from development projects. It ensures that the
                                                                 potentially environmental impacts are minimized

                                                                 and environmental mitigation measures of any
                                                                 projects are taken into account throughout the
                                                                 development of the projects.

                                                                         This EIA Guidelines for Business Project
                                                                 Development in ASEAN Economic Community (AEC)
                                                                 is successfully accomplished with collaboration
                      between the O ce of Natural Resources and Environmental Policy and Planning (ONEP),
                      Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, and PTT.  The Guidelines will provide a
                      sustainable business development framework, procedure of EIA preparation, and EIA
                      approval process for project types or activities that are legally required to undertake EIA
                      in all ASEAN countries.

                             PTT wish that this guideline, which contains essential information of ASEAN's EIA
                      rules and regulations would facilitate all investors who plan to invest in Thailand and other
                      countries in ASEAN to implement their projects in compliance with EIA laws and regulations
                      imposed in business development in each country successfully.

                             On behalf of PTT, I would like to express my sincere appreciation to Dr. Raweewan Bhuridej,
                      Secretary General of ONEP, for granting PTT an opportunity to be one of the mechanisms to drive
                      Thai National Strategy through the 1  EIA  guidelines in ASEAN. Also, many thanks to dedicated
                      teams from ONEP and PTT who worked days and nights, and brought together their knowledge
                      and experiences in EIA conducting to draft and complete this 1  EIA guideline.

                                                                                      Chansin Treenuchagron
                                                                            President and Chief Executive O cer
                                                                                    PTT Public Company Limited
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