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                                                                         Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

                                                                 is the process of examining the anticipated direct
                                                                 and indirect environmental impacts of a proposed
                                                                 project or activity in order to determine appropriate
                                                                 mitigation measures and monitoring programs.

                                                                 It is a tool globally used for environmental
                                                                 management, especially in ASEAN countries.
                                                                 The main objective of EIA in Thailand, as in other
                                                                 countries, is to prevent environmental problems

                                                                 from major development projects in order to
                                                                 align development objectives with sustainable
                                                                 development goals.

                                                                         The O ce of Natural Resources and
                                                                 Environmental Policy and Planning (ONEP) is
                                                                 tasked with overseeing the EIA process in
                      Thailand. In this respect, and in connection with the move towards regional economic
                      integration among ASEAN member countries, ONEP has recognized the importance of
                      developing EIA Guidelines for Business Project Development in the ASEAN Economic
                      Community (AEC). This guideline will support Thai Investors in AEC, and concurrently foreign
                      investors in Thailand, to better understand EIA regulations in each ASEAN country.
                      The guideline includes relevant information on types of activities requiring EIA, as well as

                      EIA preparation and review process in each ASEAN country.

                              In our e ort to develop this guideline, ONEP has partnered with PTT Public Company
                      Limited. Therefore, I would like to take this opportunity to thank PTT Public Company Limited

                      for their continued good cooperation. Finally, I hope that this guideline will be useful for
                      relevant agencies, investors, and interested parties, and contribute to strengthening the
                      knowledge of EIA systems in AEC countries.

                                                                                        Dr. Raweewan Bhuridej
                                                                                              Secretary- General
                                                                                 O ce of Naturul Resources and
                                                                      Environmental Policy and Planning (ONEP)
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